Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Rat New Year

Happy Chinese New Year all!
May the RAT bring you
happiness, prosperity and love

this year i won't be eating CNY foods or collecting angpaus from my chinese peeps... cause.. me working.. :( will only be back for Easter in march... though i did come down briefly for the weekend just to see my parents... mum gave angpau... wonder if it's bad luck to give angpau before CNY (but i didn't open it yet heheh)
been wanting to post up my 2 weekend getaways.. but somehow i didn't have the mood to be online and upload pics... but will do it soon, dun worry! hehehhe (and also updates of my dept outing to PD)
... and.. congrats to my beloved cousin for the good news though there wasn't much details about it... but anyhow, i'm so happy for you! *hugz*

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