Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter Weekend

err... HAPPY EASTER...? heheheheh

i know it's late, cause i was back home holidaying ppl!! heheheh... i was in Holiday Inn for 2 nights.... wonderful! and i got burnt... as usual.. heheheh... i need the sun cause i'm like so white! i go to work, i don't see the sun, then i'm in the office the whole bloody day, and then when i get home, i STILL don't see the sun.... so now, at least i have some colour (and i'm suffering for it.. heheheh ... i know i know, serves me right! :P)

so i got on the bus straight after work on thurs and came home... by the time i got home was about 11pm or so.... nice timing...

on fri, went to do my license, got some stuff, had light lunch... and went for 3pm mass in Pulau Tikus.... so hot i tell u.... luckily, mass ended around 4.30 or so.... and after that we went to Holiday Inn.... we had tea, since we're "fasting"... so cannot eat big big and cannot eat meat...

mum and i swam, hung out on the lazy benches and chilling out... we waited for dad, he was working and we went for dinner... dinner was at Feringghi Cafe.... nice cozy romantic place.. more for couple couple thingy... unfortunately, it got to me... but i was trying myself to enjoy the food and the company of my parents (pics will be uploaded l a t e r . . . )

then on sat.... my major goal for the day is to have COLOUR on me!!! yes!! but before that, after buffet breakfast, mum wanted to go see see the Batik Factory... in fact, even I haven't been to the batik factory... so we went... interesting... BUT the workers there, so unfriendly man!! i mean if this year is Visit Malaysia... but with that attitude.... sigh..... (again.. pics l a t e r . . . )

then it's bakar time! i swam, i lepak, i sat on the beach, i "scrubbed" myself in "salt and dirty water" and swam in the pool again and just got burnt.... mum couldn't tahan... so she headed back to the nice aircon room... i followed but soon later, i went to sleep in the garden (under the shade... i was too burnt by then)... i ACTUALLY slept! it's SOOO nice sleeping in the garden, with the sound of waves, wind, the palm trees..... sigh.... miss that feeling... i slept about nearly 2 hrs.... NICE!

had dinner at some hawker place opposite Golden Sands... ok la...... the prices are abit $$ too.... then later CC came to fetch me (so nice of him to come ALL the way up to Batu Feringghi...) and we went to meet piggy and cher and ed and some fellas from "hell" for The Reaping..... hahahha the movie had some jumps but it was ok la... towards the end it had quite good effects... but it's so not for Easter man... it talks about the 10 plagues and the devil and all that.. hahhaha.... oh well, at least i went to watch a movie!!! yeay!
after movie, half of us went to this hangout-drinking place next to Naza Hotel... just sat for an hr or 2 just to relax.... didn't really have good wind, it was quite stuffy and hot.... in the end everyone was tired and we went back....

then had to get up early on sunday for the last buffet breakfast and to go for Easter mass at 10.30am.. so sad la wei.... leaving the nice hotel, the beach, the POOL!! sigh...... just thinking of what's gonna happen tomorrow on Monday.... i'm going back to KL!!!!! *cry*
after mass, we all went home and stayed home..... some how we were tired from the weekend away, weird isn't it?
i ended my weekend home with a blast.... i met up with Sharon in SOHO Auto City with her cousin and surprisingly i met some old BM St Anne's friends! so nice!!! heheheheh... we drank and danced though the place was half full... sunday mah! monday ppl work, how to go clubbing? hahahha.... and no, i did not get drunk! :P
thanks CC, Sharon.... Ros, Cher and Ed for a good night out! will try my best to come back soon.... ;)


Leyna said...

Sounded like you had a blast - good on you, especially since u need it! Hey no offence ah but you are not white lah! haha

Ooo my cousin sister works in the Batik factory (had been for yrs) - she actually paints/design them hands free. Good artist but talent wasted there but she has no intention of moving up/setting up new business so guess whatever makes her happy.

Shimmers said...

hahaha i know i'm not white but i like the tan!