Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Easter is coming!

so it's the Holy Week... what have u given up or sacrificed during this lent season?
me? well haven't really thought about it, but i guess it's eating less OR eating less "rich" food.... but i think this is half for lent and half for loosing weight.. hahahah... i got a wedding dinner to go to in sept, and i want to fit in my dress that i made for my cousins wedding before... love that dress.... so... i have 6 months to loose that weight again....
aussies are taking off for easter, but they're having us to take "forced" leaves..... on friday AND monday! hahahahah.... everyone else is complaining, not I!! :) so i'll be back to BM on thurs night... and i'll leave for KL on monday morning... (don't know if mum bought my bus ticket to kl yet... hmmm)
will be having a hotel stay with parents on friday, just thought i'd treat them to something nice... since i'm not home dee... and hmm... maybe i'll cook on sunday? hmm... it was just a thought.. heheheh (wat to cook ah?)
so, what's your plans for Easter?

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daverichards said...

Easter is certainly coming up in a while...and it's time people are excited about it...and well in the spirit of Easter i'd also like you to visit my blog on Easter Wishes sometime and enjoy all that it's filled up with!!!!