Thursday, April 23, 2009

land of the -est!

why do i say the land of the "-est"... well, Dubai is a place where they like to compete for the bigg-est, tall-est, long-est, high-est....etc and because i've been there twice, it's a wonderful place and it is safe i kid you not! you can leave your grocery trolly filled with groceries, leave it outside a shop and you can go in, without worrying bout ppl stealing your trolly! yeah!! i promise!!
this place can be very hot, yet there's cool breeze once in a while AND it's dry, so you don't have to worry bout sweat, oily face (noticed i had clearer complexion? now i'm back, my face is filled with bumps, like as it is on a revenge), perspiration and etc.. love it there but try not to go during summer time, that's when you actually BURN!! lol
so here's my short summary of my trip, thanks couz again!!

surprise #1 was a sand dune ride!! it's from Arabian Adventures by Emirates Airlines. rollercoaster type of ride on a 4x4! if you get travel sickness, better take your pills! or use travel bands like what we used! checkout my 2 short clips of the ride, here and here.
at the end of the ride, there were camel riding, the kids went on that, then there was dinner waiting for us with belly dancing and henna! i did my henna on my hand and ankle but it came off after 2 days.. :( but it was ok, loved the design!

camel ride just before dinner!

local dinner! i LOVED it!!

the next day (yea, everyday also got something planned! hehe) it was the day out in the sun and water, no beach this time, its ok, i've experienced the beach the first time i was there :) this is Wild Wadi, water theme park just NEXT to the Burj Al Arab! yea man, THE BURJ!!! hehehe i know i already took pics with it few years back, but one cannot ignore and NOT take pics with it again!!! and so there were a few pics taken, thanks to Max help! :)

as you can see the other famous hotel is next to Wild Wadi, another icon in Dubai!

so next to the Burj and Wild Wadi, 5 min drive, we reached to Madinat Jumeirah, it's like a shopping mall, but it's not really a mall, it's like small shops, stalls under one roof, air-con, lots of souveniers, funky stuff, lots of cafe, clubs, restaurants, the view outside is wonderful as you can see what's at the background, yea! the Burj again! hahah shopping here, well, can be abit $$ but that's how it is in Dubai.

then we went driving around, taking in the sites and buildings and also for me to get some pics...

the worlds TALLEST (see what i mean) building at this moment - The Burj Dubai

someone told me that this is Donald Trump towers...
or maybe not.. but i do believe Mr Trump has some BIG ideas and plans for Dubai himself!

latest attraction - The Atlantis
they have another water themed park, huge aquariums in the rooms!!
we didn't go in, maybe that could be my next stop the next time i go there! LOL

this is their Independance flag, i believe its in somewhat the heart of town...
ooohhh and i love these cupcakes!! they're called Sugar Daddy's!!! about RM12 each though!

locals chilling under the trees in a public park

sitting in a RM1 million (it seems) BMW 6 series 630i
then i met up with a fello ex-dlinker!! Lawrence!! in The Mall of the Emirates! that's where i got the dates for ppl at home! so eventhough it was a quick hour, it was good to have met up with him, catching up on updates on each other and the team! hope to see you again in KL!!

then came surprise NUMBER 2!!! the biggest surprise ever! i never would have guessed!!! an hours ride in a stretched LIMO yo!!! it was parked outside the house!! i was told to get ready with nice nice clothes, and this was the reason!! of course the destination also!!

this was a Chrysler and it was customized stretched for the limo company!! wow! i'm still amazed!! check out the inside!!

the inside yo!! blinking star like lights on the roof! drinks! with fancy glasses! tv! music!! my oh my!! wonder if there's such things in msia!! this would be soo cool!!!

as i said the ride was about an hour, and the driver drove around Dubai, he also passed The Atlantis. we could see the outside but ppl outside couldn't see the inside! how cool was that! we could see the look on ppls face in the cars outside, all trying to look in, wondering which big shot is sitting in this limo!!! ahaks ahaks!!!

and... the destination was at Zheng He's at Jumeirah! (check out reviews) yes! around the same place at Madinat Jumeirah, the shopping place. the food here is lovely, kinda slow though but then it's all worth the wait, cause service is good the background scenery (yup, it's the Burj .. again) was awesome! i had a lovely time!!

after dinner we walked to Madinat Jumeirah to see what's happening and i tell you, alot! we passed by a club and my oh my... all i can say, my eyes became tired (if you know what i mean) heheh... then i think there were more shops opened at night, as i don't remember some when we were there during the day! lovely lovely!

and of course there were so many other places that we went, too many pics to put up!! hahaha... - we had lovely Sri Lankan food at Coconut Grove in the Rydges Plaza Hotel located near the "flag"
- then of course paid a visit to the LARGEST mall - The Dubai Mall, where they had the BIGGEST aquarium IN IT! check out my YouTube here
- we had home-delivery and also homecooked food and breakfast! yum yum!
- saw a Proton Wira on the streets, it looked very sad cause all the cars in Dubai are HUGE ones, like 4x4, Ford Explorers, BMW, Audi...
- we had awesome home-cooked BBQ! with pizza hut! in the backyard...heheh
- oh!! and also lovely Thai food at Bai Tong :)

just an insight about Dubai (not thinking bout the price) the food is actually good!! calling myself a foodie, i can strongly say that food there (local or not) is kinda good! even the mall food court type of food is good! hahah i don't know if it's because i was on a holiday? or not... but yea, no complaints bout that!! will be blogging bout the food soon :)

going home was sad, not only the holiday ended, but the dread of flying about 8 hrs to reach penang.. but it's all good! i did some sort sleep on the way back but with a weird posture! lol..

overall it was a great holiday, short, funfilled 5 days or so! good to take mind off things. really appreciate and thanks to my cousin and her family for having me over! hope to see you all soon!! missing you lots!

hugs and kisses!

so for those who have a chance to go to dubai, GO! dun think too much, at least go once in your life time! i tell you it's worth it! do your homework on where to go and wat to do, be a smart budget-er, and i'm sure u'll be able to see as much as possible even in a few days! ENJOY!

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