Sunday, February 08, 2009


no i'm NOT pregnant.... wat la..
anyway, i don't know why but i'm getting cravings, maybe because i'm staying home too much and haven't been out lately.... and these cravings are like the cravings i used to have when i was in KL - not enough of Penang food, difference is, i AM in penang!!! wtf!!!
so yea...
1- Kek Seng's LAKSA
2- Kek Seng's DURIAN ice-cream!!
3- Gurney Drive - Uncle's MUACHI!
4- So Young's APOM
5- Swatow Lane's ice-kacang!!
6 - Abu Siti Lane's coconut water!!!
hmm... maybe i'll drag my mum to the island this wed...... anyone wants to join me? AHH! forgot, you ppl are all working! ahahahah

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