Sunday, January 11, 2009

so Christmas and 2008 hand-in-hand came and gone...

yea, they left once again... but as every year, they always leave great memories of friends and family getting together and that's what really count..

this years celebrations were abit quiet, i guess it's the long weekend plus a malaysian public holiday so everyone had their own plans...

went for lunch with parents and granddad, as usual granddad didn't know it was christmas and we were always reminding him why we were bringing him out for lunch! heheheh

dad took a candid shot :P

me and dad

then after a fe days later in the evening, i had a small gathering of friends (and new friends) at my bbq....

some of the active members of the MyviClub

and when i was about to give up hope for the countdown (a few promised that they'll include me in but in the end said they had their own plans), i managed to get a similar fated friend who had nothing to do for countdown either... so, we ended up having a great porky and ribby dinner and somewhat pathetic fireworks display! hahaha at least there was abit of drinking, sort of... heheheh

Chicago Pork Ribs (sister co. of Tony Roma's)

yes, i had to work night shift on New Year's Night (9pm to 9am)

2008 was very adventurous, stressful and somewhat depressing year for me and i do hope 2009 would be much better (eventhough the economy sucks) for myself and for all of you!

*more pics here

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